The Timepiece Gentleman

Anthony Farrer is the founder of The Timepiece Gentleman; a burgeoning wristwatch empire that was started in Dallas, Texas and has expanded to Beverly Hills dealing in every luxury watch brand. “I’ve been obsessed with watches since I was in high school. When I first started buying and selling watches, I was simply looking for a way to afford my passion.”  It wasn’t until Anthony recognized a huge lack in market information and transparency between dealers and customers that he saw an opportunity.  

“This industry is built on secrecy.” Why do salespeople always have to go to the back to get pricing, or have my timepiece inspected? What actually goes on back there? 

Anthony has leveraged the power of social media to change the way secondary market deals in fine watches. “We were the first to take our cameras behind closed doors and really give viewers a peak into our industry. We set the standard for transparency when it comes to getting you the deal you deserve.” 

“Social Media is the greatest tool out there. When I strike a deal, they see it; when I make a sale, they see it. They witness my surprises, disappointments, and the entire process of acquiring a watch, negotiating a deal and securing a client.” 

-Anthony Farrer

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